SFU Time: 11:39 CERN Time: 20:39 FermiTime: 13:39
ATLAS Higgs Tau Tau Mass Plot


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The High Energy Physics Group at Simon Fraser University is interested in hadron collider physics at the highest available energies. We wish to probe matter at the smallest scales to better understand nature's fundamental constituents and interactions.

The experimental particle physics group is playing a leading role in the ATLAS Experiment. Mike Vetterli is the principal investigator for ATLAS at SFU and is also the project leader for ATLAS' Canadian Tier-I data center at TRIUMF. Dugan O'Neil is the deputy spokesperson of ATLAS-Canada and is the principal investigator for the Compute Canada installation at SFU (providing ATLAS with Tier-II computing), Bernd Stelzer is the ATLAS-Canada Physics coordinator and a project leader in ATLAS global monitoring and in the search for new physics. In the past we have also worked on CDF and D0 at the Tevatron. Dugan O'Neil was the founding spokeperson of the D0-Canada collaboration and Bernd Stelzer was the SFU PI for CDF.

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